Hello! I am Deroju founder and maker of Victoria and Me scented candles. I became interested in candle making because of my love for evoking scents and warmth. I believe this provides the perfect ambience to any space creating a haven to unwind and relax.

I wanted to make strong scented candles without all the toxic chemicals or additives. I also realised that majority of scented candles contained paraffin or soy. Paraffin is a petroleum derivative that releases toxic fumes while burning and soy which contains palm oil is responsible for the majority of deforestation.

My candles are clean , luxurious but affordable. Sustainability has also been a chore for me, all my my candles come in recyclable containers and ethically sourced pouches. So does our beauty products. 

I  hand pour each candle using coconut wax. They are made my candles in batches from my space in London.  All of my products are lovingly made in England and are enriched using the finest natural ingredients.