Hello, my name is Deroju, an Interior Designer and lover and maker of Beautifully Scented Candles. I live in Hackney, East London. I became interested in candle making in 2020 because of my love for creating beautiful spaces and making the house into a warm beautiful and welcoming home. I love furnishing with luxury Candles, decor and various Art pieces.

My love for sweet smell and warmth made me decided to make my own Candles. I also discovered that the majority of candles found on our high streets either contained paraffin, which is a petroleum derivative that releases toxic fumes into the air while burning, or soy which is responsible for the majority of deforestation and destroying wildlife and its natural habitat leading to extinction of many rare plants and animals.

I therefore sourced for natural ingredients in making my Candles which I use Natural rapeseed and coconut wax. My wax is free from paraffin, soy, beeswax and synthetic additives. I also wanted to create a luxury but affordable Candle and this is what inspired me to create my own luxury candle brand. Guided by high crafting standards.

I make everything in small batches from my home in Hackney, UK. I carefully craft my blends, with each scented candle containing the highest dose of essential oils to achieve the best possible scent. All of my products are lovingly made in England and are enriched using the finest natural ingredients.