Benefits of scented candles

Candles are dated back from centuries, but a new variation of candles has got a hype, that is SCENTED CANDLES. Are you obsessed with scented candles too? Or are you still wondering if the hype is worth it or not?


Do you know aromatherapy is used for therapeutic purposes? And scented candles serve the best in this regard as they not only generate a freshening aroma in the air, but the glowing flame creates a soothing ambiance.  


If you’re the one still wondering about the wonders of scented candles, here you go. These are six benefits that you can get from scented candles.


Soothing effect

Do you know that most therapists use scented candles in their clinical settings? Scented candles are a combination of two in one; glow and scent. The glowing flame of the candle creates a peaceful and relaxed environment in the surroundings. Haven’t you spotted candles in the spa? This is because they alleviate pain by providing a relaxed and calm environment.


Romantic environment

Who’s not passionate about candlelight dinner? We all want to have it once in a lifetime with our partner. Call it a date night or what so ever, but the vibe is so romantic. Imagine if an ordinary candle can create such a calming atmosphere, what the addition of scent could do. Marvels! That is why couples usually use scented candles in their bedroom. If you are concerned about scented candles for your bedroom, Night Seasons can give you those welcoming sentiments.


Freshen the air

Scented candles are a great alternative to air fresheners. How? They do not contain toxic chemicals, which are usually emitted by air fresheners. Not only this, but scented candles have shown beneficial effects in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. Not only the aroma they produce in the air generates a soothing effect, but the candle wax also absorbs the hazardous radiations.



Fragrances are often associated with a specific individual. Do you know that every human being has its natural smell? But you can also add up the spice of artificial fragrance to enhance that particular smell. And when certain people use certain scents, they remain in our memory. So you can revive your memories with scented candles. Whenever you feel that scent, nostalgia emerges and you feel that person around you. It might be your partner or any grandparent who has left this world. Night Seasons is the one that will give you the whole reminiscent.


This aroma filled candles not only provide health benefits but aesthetic to your room. A few candles lit in your living room can create a warmth effect. In fact, if you put some medium sized white-coloured candles in your bathroom, it can develop a spa-like environment at home. Pleasant Places is the best choice for your living room. It can surely make you feel at home.

Mood changes

The dim light effect candles generate has been shown to improve mood. The aroma they produce stimulates our limbic system that releases a hormone, serotonin, which boosts our mood. Furthermore, several therapists have reported scented candles as an effective treatment of migraine. If you are also suffering from migraine, you should try Morning Glory to reduce the symptoms and make you feel relaxed.