Scents to lift you into Spring.

Scents to lift you into spring

What makes you sense the flowers and essence of your favourite season? What improves the ambiance of your living room? Those dim lights with fresh aroma in the air. Wax melting and leaving a musky scent with the wick gleaming and dancing in the air. Yes, scented candles are the ones that can make you feel spring at home. When the birds returning home sing with euphoria, when buds begin to bloom, when the parkways are festoon in colourful hues, when plants sprout new leaves, when the butterflies and bumblebees scatter their colours in the air, when the sun stays longer, it's none other than spring. It feels like a new beginning of life or the year.

The time for healing and healing is impossible without some self-care. You have to love yourself a little more, meditate, and feel the purity and innocence of the surroundings to rebirth. For this, you might have to refresh your indoors too so that you can feel the similar revival season inside. And this can be practical with scented candles, they will lift you into spring season. 

Morning Glory



Our Morning glory is a perfect epitome of freshness and reminiscence of spring. Spring is all about fresh fruits and vegetables. To replicate this sentiment, we have created a scent similar to freshly picked rosy red strawberries from your garden. It blends this scent with that of pink rhubarb, and together it makes a musky and fruity fragrance. It gives hints of all the seasonal fruits and makes you remember that spring is here.


Night Seasons


Our Night Seasons Scented Candle is best to create a romantic  vibe in your surroundings. With powerful notes of honey, it gives a luxurious ambiance at your home.


Pleasant Places 


Pleasant Places has a vibrant smell that matches the spring seasonal fruit ‘black plum. Notes of  rhubarb, blackberry, plum, pear, and peach. It gives the intimation of ripe fruits that just arrived in the spring season. This sweet fragrance is the best to lift you into spring.