Lighten up your home with scented candles this Christmas

What is Christmas all about? Magical lights in the city, embellished homes with colourful jingle bells and the smell of gingerbread cookies. We can also say it is about giving ,hanging stockings, children awaiting Santa for presents, exchanging presents with your loved ones and  lighting up our beautiful Christmas tree. 

Are you finding ideas to decorate your home for Christmas Eve? There is no better way to do it than with a scented candle. It not only serves to complete the Christmas tradition of lighting a candle but offers a pleasant scent to the atmosphere. Even if you are on a holiday and want a homely feel, scented candles will do just that. 

Brighten up your home decor by creating a soothing and relaxing ambiance 

When decorating your home this holiday season, don't forget to add scented candles to the decoratives list. They not only provide a beautiful appearance to your living room but fragrance to freshen the surroundings. Scented Candles adds warmth to your space and create the most natural and beautiful ambience. You can try sweet and fresh fragrances to elevate your mood like Pleasant places and Thai Lime and Mango .

Greet your guests to celebrate in the most tempting way 

We all have guests over on Christmas Day and have to plan accordingly. For welcoming gorgeous scents light up our La Plus Haute. You could  Try Oud for it for that evoking scents.

Set a romantic dinner for your partner on Christmas eve

Christmas is not only about family but also a special time for couples, celebrate this Eve by setting up a romantic candlelight dinner for your partner. Scented candles are perfect and our Night seasons will set the mood,It has the most romantic and sensual notes. Another option is Pumpkin spice to turn your romantic dinner into a wild night. 


Enhance the aroma of traditional Christmas treats in your kitchen

Who doesn't make traditional Christmas treats on the Eve? The holiday season is literally incomplete without those baked goods and desserts. Make your cozy winter night more relieved by adding the scent of coffee, cream, and caramel with Coffee Mocha. And if you want to get back to childhood Christmas  Eve, try our Gingerbread candle, spicy and sweet.